A long-standing relationship

Doodson first met BAC Director Neill Briggs over 3 years ago, at which point The Mono was introduced to Doodson as an image on a screen. At the time it was clear that Neill was searching for a broker that could understand the vision in its embryonic stages.

Doodson’s specialism of motorsport and automotive engineering meant that we were quick to realise the unprecedented potential that the project had. From an early stage it was clear that this was an evolving story of British design and engineering excellence and one that Doodson are immensely proud to be a part of.

It’s been fantastic to visit the operation over the recent period, being witness to all of the cars that have been produced and importantly seeing employment opportunities being created. This completes the vision as it was understood at the start of the relationship.

Throughout this time Doodson have continued to consult on all aspects of risk management and have tailored the insurances to match the growth of the business. In doing this we ensure that the cover in place is more than equal to the growing responsibilities of this international operation.

BAC Mono

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