Prevention is most certainly better than cure and in an increasingly precarious and legislative world businesses need to be able to identify and reduce the risks they may face.

Doodson has access to a diverse blend of in-house and external expertise that will help you, assess and understand the key risks and how to manage them.

Not only has a directly positive effect on your insurance cost but reduces the hidden costs and lost opportunity cost that comes when an adverse incident happens.

We can help with:

  • Fixed Asset Protection
  • Business Continuity
  • Health and Safety
  • Fleet Risk and Driver Training
  • Environmental
  • Employment Law 
  • Legal and Financial

A well considered and executed approach to risk management not only reduces cost but can also improve staff happiness and strengthen a brand.

Christine Cross

Couldn’t argue with the figures!

"We moved our business across to Doodson Corporate after they helped to reduce our insurance costs by over 40%. The improved level of cover they provided us with exceeded our expectations."

Christine Cross
TW Fabrications

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